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I’m often asked what inspired me to create my business—teaching manners to children. The answer? My own children. Hi, I’m Julie Goode, proud mom of sons Joseph (19) and Dominic (17). I had noticed, along with some girlfriends who are also moms, that aside from Cotillion class and the like, there was nowhere we could send our children to learn basic manners. Sure, we all enforced proper conduct at home, but our children felt picked on and nagged when their own parents disciplined them. So I came up with the idea of creating a fun atmosphere devoted to teaching the basics.

I achieved certification through a group called Etiquette Moms, and Mrs. Goode Manners was born. Mrs. Goode Manners offers a menu of classes to fit different age groups and situations, with a unique, enjoyable, hands-on curriculum. Children who come in dragging their feet are the same ones who can’t wait for the next class. And they are learning skills that will last a lifetime.