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I can’t tell you happy we were, as parents, to be sitting at the dinner table with our 6, 9 and 11 year old daughters who were having a discussion and correcting each other on table manners. My husband and I no longer have to be the ones who are constantly reminding them about their manners. This last summer our girls did a two day (4 hours) course with Mrs. Goode Manners. The girls loved it and came home with story after story about good and bad manners. What I loved most about it was that Mrs. Manners got the girls to be conscious and aware of their own behavior. I also loved the section on texting and social etiquette around technology. I would highly recommend this class for all ages, including adults.
-Kimberly M.

My 12 year old son and his friend took etiquette classes with Mrs. Goode Manners, and it was worth every cent! She accommodated our schedules, was extremely kind and patient with our boys, and they learned wonderful table manners. In fact, my son has gently corrected us on our table manners. I consider this to be a wonderful investment, and I highly recommend Mrs. Goode Manners’ services.
-Diana L.

My children always looked forward to attending and came away with manners every Mom could be proud of. They even corrected me once!
-Tina R.

My kids (girl 12 and boy 9) had a great time and actually listened when another mom was telling them the same things they’d been hearing from me! Taking the classes with some kids they knew and some they didn’t put them on better behavior. And grandma is going to be so impressed at Thanksgiving! Thank you, Mrs. Goode!
-Kris K.

This program is exactly what my 12 year old boy needed. He now holds the door for his sister and I, does not burp at the table, and is becoming aware of different types of silverware. Mrs. Goode Manners has done in a few weeks, what I have been trying to do for 12 years. Keep up the good work Mrs. Goode.
-Mary V.

Mrs. Goode is engaging and patient. A perfect choice to teach our kids etiquette!
-Lisa F.

I was so excited when my 13 year old son was given the gift of Mrs. Goode’s Manners and Etiquette class from his Nonie to do with his cousins!! (Ages 6-13) Though we have taught manners at home, experiencing it with his cousins in a group setting was exciting for him. He actually loved going and they each kindly remind each other now. People of all ages could learn much from Mrs. Goode Manners! Brian said, “It really helped my table manners, how to set the table correctly and how to eat properly! It was fun!”
-Cindy M.

Both my son and daughter took Mrs. Goode’s class and benefitted from it. A year later, they still remind each other to put their napkin on their laps and to wait until everyone has been served to eat. Thank goodness for Ms. Goode!
-S. Knowlton.