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“Manners for Millennials”

{ Friday, April 1st, 2016 }

Mrs. Goode Manners has always been geared more toward the younger set. Children, young teens, and some high schoolers. While teaching manners, as a side business, my world has mainly consisted of working full time in many well known companies within Silicon Valley, as a Recruiter in Human Resources. It became very apparent, in the mid 2000’s, that I was working with younger, unpolished individuals. Unpolished being a gentler word for rude. This is not to say all younger employees were rude. However, I will say, there were a substantial number of people whose attitudes were clueless. Through the last few years, I have been thinking about this more and more. Did we all of a sudden give birth to a generation of rude and unaware people? With the evolution of social media, society has gone through a metamorphosis. Those of us in our mid to late 30’s, and older, grew up in an age without social media being the main form of communicating. We were forced to interact with people face to face. We wrote thank you notes, and things were much more personalized in nature. No hiding behind laptops, and texting. If I can use a word way over-used today, yet very fitting…there was more transparency. While I am still committed to teaching and spreading the word about etiquette to the younger set, I wanted to announce that I am putting together a new program as well. I am in the midst of building material that will be used in the world of high tech, and help guide today’s Millennials as they enter the business world. “Manner’s for Millennials.” I am really excited about this new venture, and will keep you all posted as I get closer to rolling it out.

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