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Traditions Which Only Apply To Gentlemen?

{ Wednesday, December 31st, 2014 }

Here is a great post I saw on Facebook:

You can also see the full article on my Facebook page:

As I was reading through some of the traditions, I realized that these shouldn’t only be reserved for men. When I was teaching manners, I always addressed many of these points, and said that all should be cognizant of these traditions. And, I don’t think they should be referred as “traditions” necessarily, but just common courtesies and respect that you would show anyone, especially people who are older than you.

The article was explaining itself to make sure that these old fashioned traditions weren’t taken as a nod to women being the weaker sex, but just that they are mannerly. And, I agree. Especially because it shouldn’t only be reserved for men as to how they interact with women. It should be a part of everyday interaction in general. Here are some examples…

-He stands when she walks in the room: When anyone new walks in a room, one should stand up to greet them, or introduce themselves if they have never met.

– He opens the door for her: When I am walking with my mom, or an older aunt, I always will open the door for them.

– He never criticizes a home cooked meal: No one should criticize a home cooked meal. Ever.

The list goes on and on…Actually, the article lists 21 examples. And, almost all can be said that one should practice these traditions whether male or female. This should be obvious to many reading this. However, our new generation of young people aren’t as aware, and many are from the “it’s all about me,” mentality. There is nothing wrong with a reminder every now and then. These traditions should never go out of style.


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