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Is Your Daughter (or son) a Bully?

{ Thursday, October 3rd, 2013 }

One of the most difficult things to believe or admit to as a parent is, could my child be a bully? And, perhaps not a blatant bully…But, maybe a kid who isn’t a champion for those who get bullied. This link will lead you to one of the best articles on this subject, that I have read in a long time. Do not turn a blind eye to this. Do not assume your child is not a bully, because they would NEVER do such a thing. Err on the side of caution. And, as the author states: “If you have a daughter, don’t just talk to her about being a good person, get all up in her business the way you do with grades, sports, nutrition and safety.” The author, Anastasia Basil, has some great suggestions. And, one of my favorite quotes in the article is this: “explain that middle school is a team sport, so is high school, and she is only as strong as the weakest player.” Meaning, these ages are not for the feint of heart. Kids are trying to fly under the radar so they aren’t bullied. They are fighting for their own lives. So, to stop and help another from being bullied takes a very strong individual. Ms. Basil speaks to her own growing up experiences with being bullied, relentlessly. And, as she so wisely states, “I can’t imagine how I would have survived if cyber-bullying existed. Once the day ended, I was home safe with doting parents who had no idea I was suffering.” Today’s kids are not as fortunate. They are poked, prodded and posted for the whole cyber-world to see.

This is critically important. Open your ears and eyes. It can literally be saving a young person’s life.