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Fun Placemats! –

{ Thursday, August 22nd, 2013 }

Mrs. Goode Manners has new designs for placemats! These are great learning tools for children. Helping them set a correct place setting, but also a way of eliciting a great discussion on table manners in the process! I have included some great speaking points to go over while sitting for a family meal…We go over all of these, and more in class!

Table Manners to be mindful of…

~        Wash your hands

~        Place your napkin on your lap as soon as everyone has been seated at the table.

~        Never start eating until everyone has their food. If you are a guest at someone’s home, you do not start to eat until the Host or Hostess picks up his/her fork.

~        You may start to eat if your host or hostess says, ‘please go ahead and start. I will be right there.’

~        The small fork is for your salad or appetizer. The large fork is for dinner, or main course.  The salad fork and dinner fork go on the left side, and the knife and spoon on the right. Your knife should always face in.  If it’s when you are setting the table, or if you are cutting food, and rest your knife on your plate, your knife will always face in, or towards you.

~        Your bread plate goes on the left, and your drink on the right. (Remember making a “b” or “d” with your fingers if you forget)

~        If you want butter with your bread, take the amount you may want, and place it on your bread plate. Butter small bites as you go. Do not butter the whole roll at one time.

~        If someone asks you to pass the salt, you pass both the salt and pepper shakers as a set. Even if the person only wants the salt. If you are not sure which shaker has the salt or pepper in it, you may shake a small amount on your hand or the side of your plate to see.

~        Remember to wipe your mouth after every bite or every other. Though you may not think you have anything on your mouth, you very well might.

~        If you do not like something that you are being served, don’t say “ewwww, I don’t like that.” Just politely take the food, and eat what you can.

~        If you find a bug in your food and you are at a restaurant, mention it to your server in a very low voice, that way it won’t spoil the other’s appetite.

~        If you drop your napkin, or a utensil on the floor in a public place (restaurant, club), do not get on the floor to pick it up. Again, wait for your server to come by, and simply ask for another. Saying, “I am sorry, I dropped my fork may I have another?” Of course if you are at home or a friend’s home, by all means pick it up and get a new one.

~        We spoke of Table Linens…These consist of table cloths, cloth napkins, placemats, etc. They are there to look nice, but sometimes to protect the table underneath as well. You would never use the tablecloth to wipe your fingers, or wipe your mouth. 

~        If you are at home, or a friend’s home, and need to use the restroom, you do not have to announce that you need to go to the bathroom, or blow your nose, etc. Just simply say, excuse me a moment. And, place your napkin on your chair. If you are in a public restaurant, you will want to whisper to a parent where you are going, for safety issues.

~        Remember not to chew with your mouth full. Take manageable bites, so food isn’t falling out of your mouth. If you are eating something that requires your hands (pizza, hamburgers, ribs), do not lick your fingers.

~        Never talk with food in your mouth. Most importantly because you could choke. And, secondly, it’s gross. J No one wants to see the food in your mouth being chewed. Or you may talk and spit on mistake. Yuck.

~        Do not use your fingers to pick food pieces up. If there is a really great bite you want to eat, but you can’t get it on your fork, remember to use your knife as a way to gently push it on to your fork. You also may use a piece of your bread to use as a wall of sorts so it goes on to your fork.

~        Do not take a sip of your drink while you are still chewing…You don’t want to wash your food down with your drink. You want to swallow your food, wipe your mouth then take a sip of your drink.

~        Sit nicely and quietly until you are excused from the table. Have a nice conversation, no interrupting, or speaking loudly. And, only speaking of things that are appropriate for the table.

~        If you are home or at a friend’s house, always offer to clear the table. And, thank your hostess for dinner.

~        And, when you are excused, you place your napkin on the left side of your plate.


Being Sexy…

{ Friday, August 16th, 2013 }

Probably not the headline you would expect to read in a manners’ blog, huh? But, if any of you happened to see the video circulating about Ashton Kutcher’s speech from the Teen Choice Awards, you will understand. He names three things that are important in life to an audience of thousands, (mainly teens). Here are a couple of my favorite takeaways from his speech. He said there are three important things in life, and one of them is being sexy. And, the way he explained his definition of sexy, was brilliant. Sexy is being smart, thoughtful, and generous. What a great message to be sending to the teens who were either there in person, or watching from home. And, his last message that I loved was, “Don’t live your life build your life.” These are great messages to share with our kids, whether they are our own, or our nieces, nephews, students, or friends. In case you missed it, here is the link to his speech. Truly worth the time to listen, if you can withstand the shrieking girls in the background…;)


Placemats ready on Etsy!

{ Friday, August 16th, 2013 }

I am so excited, I really have had an influx of followers in the last few days! I have updated my Etsy store front, and am ready now for anyone who is interested in purchasing placemats! It’s been a crazy few days, but I am so excited to share stories, and articles on all things mannerly. Later next month you will be able to click on Etsy right from here, but for now, please visit:

Let me know what you think. I love getting suggestions, and new ideas.

I Was Lost, But, Now I Have Been Found!

{ Monday, August 12th, 2013 }

I have truly missed my blogging sessions here. I have still been teaching my social skills and table manners to children, but felt I needed to do more with my business. It was getting stale, and I needed to reach more people. My wonderful Web Designer, Kate, came up with some great designs for me to make into Manner Place Mats! This portion has taken way longer than I had expected. Looking for just the right design, color, material, and manufacturer to use in putting it together….I have to thank my dear friend, Gretchen. She helped direct me and steer my very creatively-challenged self.  And, to my friend Tania, who lit a fire under me to stop dragging my feet. And, thank you to my numerous friends, family and even my Book Club, who had to sit through hearing, “This one? How about this one? This fabric? This thickness?”etc, etc…you get the idea.

Now that I am going the direction I was hoping to, finally…I will be sending you great new articles, and Blogs, and participating in as much Q and A as possible.

It’s great to be back!!