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Yoga vs. Cell Phone…What’s your opinion?

{ Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 }

I am sure most of you have heard the news of the Yoga instructor being fired…It sounds like the beginning of a joke. But, it’s far from funny. To recap for those that didn’t hear about it, a yoga instructor was fired by her agency, for telling a student in her class to please take her call outside of the studio. The catch, though, is that the class was being taught on-site at the Facebook campus. There is a company that Facebook uses to outsource various fitness classes, the yoga class being one of them. To be fair, the agency did tell the instructors to not give employees a bad time if they were texting, or using their phones in class. So, to play devil’s advocate, the instructor really should have not made an issue out of it. If another pupil in the class complained, at least then, the instructor could then say she was under strict rules from her agency to not call out anyone using their phones. And, if the students took issue with it, have them complain to the agency regarding needing a rule in place. I think where my frustration lies, is in the fact that the student complained to the agency and had the instructor fired. When I go to the gym, hair salon, or to have a pedicure, I always give mean glances to those yapping away on their phones. Of course there will always be emergencies…Waiting for a doctor to call,  a child, or your boss…The right thing to do, that I teach in my manner’s classes, is that the people you are with need to have your complete attention. They shouldn’t be texting, and then looking up at you, then back down to check messages, etc…If you do have an unavoidable important call, state that right when you get to your appointment. I will tell my hair stylist,” I will need to answer if my son calls, I need to know where I have to pick him up.”  If others are around I make sure to speak as low as possible so they are not disturbed. If the call is going to take a while longer than expected, you need to step outside. No one goes out for a relaxing workout, or pedicure so they can hear the person next to them carrying on a conversation. Now…let’s get back to the Yoga class at Facebook. I am certain that the employees there are stressed and busy. No question. But, to speak on your phone during a small class, where the employees go to unwind and workout with a yoga class, (known for its relaxation through breathing techniques, poses, and concentration) is selfish. She could have left the room easily. She could have stood in a far off corner of the room. But, the fact that she issued a complaint, and got the instructor fired, is unsettling to me. There is a mentality in Silicon Valley (I am sure elsewhere too), that is filled with arrogance, and self-importance. I have worked with many of this ilk, and it is not a surprise to me that they would take a call during class, disrupt the instructor and their fellow students. They also probably left the yoga studio without holding the door for the person behind them, or thanking the person who maybe held the door for them. The world revolves around them. And, that is where the problem resides.

Sports and Manners collide. Again…

{ Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 }

I went to my son’s high school summer league basketball tournament last weekend. I got there late, and wasn’t sure which side was ours to sit, or where parents from our team, that I knew, were sitting. Well, I found out quite quickly that I was sitting in hostile territory. I have a thick skin. I have been going to baseball, football, and basketball games for my kids for over 10 years. I have been to fun recreational games, and I have been to championship games that were completely high stress, playing in various nefarious cities in California. I have come across mean parents before. Parents yelling at refs, and yelling about calls. Truth be told, I am sure I have done the same thing. But, last weekend? Last weekend was altogether different. I was sitting next to parents yelling at our players directly. Calling them out by their numbers, harassing them, berating them. I couldn’t quite believe my ears. At a time-out, I got up and ran to the other side of the court to be with our parents. It bothered me for a long time. Are these the same parents that are teaching good vs. bad behavior to their children? If kids see their parents or role models acting like this, then where is the line drawn? The problem will just perpetuate for generations. Am I being overly dramatic? I don’t know…All I know is, when the game was over, and we lost by one point, my son said to me, ‘the only reason I wanted to win this game so badly was because the parents and the kids were such jerks.’ I was happy that my son knew that was wrong. I was proud of our team for their tenacious fight for the win, and staying classy, mature and focused on their game. I hate using the cliche that winning isn’t everything. But, to these parents, it apparently was. And, because of their ugly behavior, they were very successful in bringing shame to their kid’s high school.

Manners Update

{ Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 }

I want to thank all of you who voted for Mrs. Goode Manners on Facebook. About a month ago I found out, with only days to spare, that I had to get 250 people to vote for me for an incredible opportunity. Through Living Social, and Chase Bank, a $250,000 grant will be awarded to new businesses that seem to have the “it” factor. I had less than three days to achieve this weighty goal. But, my loyal friends and supporters really came through for me!  I am really hoping we are considered for this opportunity. I have so many ideas for the growing of Mrs. Goode Manners, but the funds for investing are limited. This would really allow me to break out, and spread the importance of etiquette! Visit to read up on what I applied for.  You will all be the first to know if I am chosen! So, stay tuned…