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Thank you goes a long way…

{ Tuesday, July 26th, 2011 }

It was a little thing. It happened so quickly, but I swear I saw it, and it gave me a great feeling…Last week I was watching the Giant’s game on television. The camera panned on Tim Lincecum. He had just been relieved as the pitcher of the game. He went inside the duggout to sit down and I saw it! I couldn’t hear him, but he definitely said ‘Thank you.” I thought about how many young kids saw the same thing. To see a baseball hero, on national TV, saying thank you to someone, made me so happy. This is a great trait for kids see, and, it will hopefully be a trait they want to mimic. The reason it had a strong affect on me was because he didn’t know the camera was on him. Someone wasn’t lecturing a child on saying please and thank you…This was a real-time look in to the player’s personality. They were able to see it in all of its naturalness. I am sure reading this one might think, it is just saying thank you…Why get so excited over two words that are common knowledge. Well, unfortunately it isn’t common knowledge to many. And, that is why seeing Tim Lincecum say thank you to someone for a drink of water made me very happy.

Great article on how parents discipline…

{ Friday, July 15th, 2011 }

When will Mrs. Goode Manners add games and quizzes?

{ Monday, July 4th, 2011 }

Name: Mary Sid
Location: San Jose, CA
Question: When are you going to add games and quizes?

Dear Mary,

I am seeing that games and quizzes are really important to you! And, I can appreciate that. However, for now, my Web Guru is going to be doing some construction on my site. We will now be using the games and quiz tab for showing our new products, and where to buy them, etc. But, periodically in my Blog, I will for sure put together different fun quizzes!